New TapHunter Features – April 2016

New Features Added to TapHunter in March. For question are technical assistance please email [email protected] or call 619 512 2337


Print Menu Builder

Logo’s: Print the brewery logo of the beer you’re serving right on your menu. Help your customer identify a brewery they like easier.
now on tap

WaterMarks: Customize your print menu by add a watermark to your print menu. Simply upload an image and have it as a watermark on your menu.

Font Colors: Want to make your menu stand out, now you can add font colorscolors

Local Beers: Highlight local beers with an * or “Local” tag. This was available in the older print menu tools but has been added to the new “menu builder”.

DBB Manager Improvements

Slide Timing: In your standard digital drink board manager you can now adjust the timing for your digital screens.advanced features

Full Screen Advertising: The advertising slides were adjusted and now, the ads take up the entire screen for easier reading.
full size ad


Beer Specific Logos: The website widget can now show beer specific logos alongside brewery logos. This new addition helps break up the website menu and avoid duplicate logos.

Follow Button: A new “follow” button was added to all website menu. This button helps customers follow your location on TapHunter right from your website.
screen shot 2016-04-08 at 1.02.22 pm