Highlight Local Beers on Your Print Menu

At Tuesday’s fantastic San Diego Craft Beer Hospitality & Tourism Economic Summit many calls were made to the audience by the speakers and panelists to do whatever is within their power to help promote local craft beer. One of the examples that Greg Koch threw out really struck a chord with us here at TapHunter: for bars or restaurants to highlight local beers on their printed beer list. We want to ensure that we are doing everything in our power to promote local craft beer. After all our local San Diego brewers’ sales topped $781 million last year. For a full economic analysis of the San Diego Craft Beer Workforce published by the National University System Institute for Policy Research click here.

Since print menus are just one of the many things the TapHunter platform powers for over 100 San Diego bars and restaurants and hundreds of others across the US, we saw a way for us to make an immediate impact by empowering local businesses to heed the call with simply the click of a button. So yesterday we launched the “highlight local beers” option for our printed tap and bottle menus. Our customers can select from one of 6 different ways they want local beers to be featured, save their settings, and print; our system handles the rest.

taphunter dashboard - print your menu

Looking to create an even bigger distinction between local beers and the rest of your lineup? Just use our custom categories to push the local beers to the top. Here’s an example of how Sublime Alehouse is doing just that on their printed menus.


So go forth and highlight those local offerings. Your customers will try more local beer and that means everybody; the customer, the businesses, and the local community; will win.

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