New Features in March 2017

The TapHunter team has been hard at work building new features, many of which have been requested by our awesome customers. This includes updates to our TapHunter Manager app for businesses, our POS integration with Square POS, and much more. The full details on our new features in March 2017 are below.


Multi-Day Events

TapHunter allows customers on our Plus plan to list events on our app and website, and now those events can be listed over a multiple day time span. This is great for anything that runs for more than a single day, like a weeklong party or an event that spans an entire weekend. This makes the event timing more clear to consumer and easier for businesses on TapHunter to list these events.


Set a display name for a beer

This makes it easy to set the exact name for a beer that you want to show up on your TapHunter menus. We found that sometimes a beer name can be very long and difficult to display well on a digital or printed menu. Now it’s easy to shorten the name so that it fits better, easily changing “Bourbon Barrel-Aged” to “BBA” for instance. We’ve heard excellent feedback from our customers on this so far, and we hope this has made using TapHunter an even better experience.


Inventory slider on TapHunter Manager app

We provide a simple solution for taking inventory for your entire beverage program, and we continue to look for ways to make this process even smoother. We built a brand new way to enter on hand amounts into our TapHunter Manager app that makes updating inventory a breeze. Now instead of entering the numbers, you can use the new slider interface to enter in how much you have on hand. This is both more accurate and easier to use.


Inventory Value On Hand

One valuable number whenever you’re managing inventory for a beverage program is the total dollar value of all of your standing inventory. Typically this involves doing some math to figure out the correct numbers and how much your standing inventory is worth. Now when you keep your inventory updated in TapHunter we’ll do the math for you and show you the value of your standing inventory at the top of the inventory page in TapHunter.


Images on Square POS

Now when you integrate your Square POS with TapHunter you can copy over the beverage images from TapHunter to Square. This makes it easier for your staff to quickly see which beer they are selecting on the POS, and it saves you tons of time over having to download the images yourself and manually add them into Square.


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