Stapleton Tap House Customer Testimonial

Stapleton Tap House TapHunter Testimonial from Tap Hunter. Michael Kearns, owner of Stapleton Tap House in Denver, Colorado talks about his experience with TapHunter. Want to learn more about TapHunter? Click here to get a

Tap Into the Business of Craft Beer

The Business of Craft Beer There is no denying that the US craft beer industry has been experiencing some phenomenal growth in recent years, and the signs of the expansion are becoming harder and harder

Tips to Create a More Profitable Bar & Beer Program

Read these 5 quick tips on how to create a more profitable bar & beer program! 1. $ell more Craft Beer. While craft beer may have a higher acquisition cost than traditional macro beer, the

Top 5 Ways to Save Time and Sell More [WEBINAR]

We all know that time is money. And we’ve heard that time is the most precious (and most wasted) commodity there is. Can we put a dollar value on our time? Even if we can’t

TapHunter Films Presents: 5 Reasons You Don’t Need TapHunter

Why, yes, when we aren’t busy rescuing kittens from trees, helping elderly women cross the street and simplifying the lives of countless bar and restaurant owners we do find time to dabble in filmmaking. Last

Celebrate Fall at Your Bar

Are you ready for Fall? Yes, the days are going to start getting shorter, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t reason for you and your customers to celebrate this Fall! You just have do your

Make a Playlist for Your Restaurant

“Without music, life would be a mistake,” a quote from the famous Übermensch and German nihilist Friedrich Nietzsche. Whether you listen to Mac Dre or Dark Throne,  Kei$ha or Hank, music sets the tone for your day and is

Why A Cursed Restaurant Space Is Now A Hot Spot in San Diego

Chances are you’ve seen a CLOSED Yelp page. The Fleetwood, listed above, seems to have been a cursed restaurant space over the last 3-4 years which has sadly rotated through 3-4 different restaurant concepts all with unique owners.

4 Tips for a Dog-Friendly Restaurant

Dog-friendly bars and restaurants are a big trend–and for good reason. It’s hard leaving furry friends at home during the week, and the last thing most pet parents want to do is leave pets at