Top 6 Holiday Beers That Need to be on Your Bar’s List

Bring in the holiday cheer by serving up some holiday beers! The month of November is behind us, signaling the end of the Pumpkin Ales, wet-hopped IPAs, and Oktoberfest lagers that dominate the shelves of local

Highlight Local Beers on Your Print Menu

At Tuesday’s fantastic San Diego Craft Beer Hospitality & Tourism Economic Summit many calls were made to the audience by the speakers and panelists to do whatever is within their power to help promote local

Barrel Aged: Our First Barrel Aged Cocktails

More and more bars are seeing the value in offering “house made” ingredients in their cocktails; from syrups, bitters and tinctures to fresh juices. Barrel aging can be another way to customize your ingredients and make

Engage Customers with Seasonal Beer

Keeping your customers engaged is a key element in creating a successful craft beer program at your bar or restaurant.  Frequent rotation of your beer lineup to ‘tap’ into seasonal offerings is an excellent way