The Top Craft Beer Spring Seasonals

“Spring craft beers truly bring the flavors of the season to life, offering a diverse and refreshing experience.”

~Julia Hertz, Publisher of

It’s finally spring, and thirsty taste buds are coming alive.  As a bar owner, especially when it comes to craft beer, it is important that you are ready for the season and all of the fresh flavors it brings.  The extra sunshine calls for light-bodied beers, with sharper textures, and bold colors. 

Spring craft beer is often described with words like: fruity, citrus, coriander, and floral.  This season, many breweries are incorporating wheat and rye into their malted barley mixtures.  This draws out a slightly spicy taste, with a smooth mouth feel and a dry finish.

There are a variety of spring seasonals you shouldn’t miss out on, and the following are five of the most popular this spring:

New Belgium Citradelic
ABV: 6%

Origin: Fort Collins, CO

The New Belgium Brewing Company has created the ideal spring beer.  This tangerine IPA is made with the tart peel of the citrus fruit and Citra hops.  The crafty concoction is bright orange in color with a malty sweetness and a crisp finish.  It’s the perfect light and easy drinking beer that pairs great with the season.

The Bruery White Oak
ABV: 11.5 %

Origin: Placentia, CA

This unfiltered, bottle-conditioned wheat wine ale, is the perfect go-to for a spring seasonal craft beer.  Since the brew is processed through bourbon barrel-aging, there are hints of caramel, vanilla, and coconut; all culminating in a pure white, frothy head.  This pale golden ale is sure to peak the interest of any bar patron.

College Street Big Blue Van
ABV: 5.4 %

Origin: Lake Havasu, AZ

Known as the “fruity beer,” this spring seasonal craft beer should be on ever owner’s tap.  An American-style wheat beer, the two dominant flavors in this brew are: blueberry and vanilla bean.  Ingredients not often paired together, this beer features a surprisingly clean finish that lingers on the palate.

Widmer Brothers Hopside Down IPL
ABV: 6.7 %

Origin: Portland, OR

An India pale lager, this brew hails from the Willamette Valley in beautiful Oregon state.  Cold-fermented, the IPL has the crisp finish of a lager, married perfectly with the hoppy flavors of an IPA.  Light gold in color, it truly is a seasonal treat!

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Tropical IPA
ABV: 6.7 %

Origin: Chico, CA

One of the most exciting of all spring seasonals is the Sierra Nevada Tropical India Pale Ale.  Perhaps one of the most accommodating of all breweries in the United States, Sierra Nevada Beer Camp invites beer enthusiasts to visit, and “design your own beer.”  A brilliant marketing tactic, this brewery not only works hard to create a community amongst it’s enthusiasts, but it inspires some of the newest and freshest beer concepts in the industry. 

This year, the tropical brew features hints of Mosaic, Citra, Amarillo, Comet, and El Dorado hops.  These type of ingredients help infuse familiar flavors like mango, bitter orange, and papaya.  These flavors are the perfect combination to celebrate the coming of spring.

Overall, when you are introducing seasonals on your taps, it can be a big investment.  You want to make sure you get the word out there, in a timely fashion.  TapHunter is one of the leading tap management software programs in the industry.  Not only can you send social media blasts to all of your platforms, you can update you business site and menus, all from one convenient dashboard. 

Spring is upon us!  Take advantage of the season, and make it a memorable time for your patrons, your employees, and yourself!  Cheers!