The Business of Beer with Greg Koch CEO & Co-Founder of Stone Brewing Co.

TapHunter Podcasts, Episode 1: Greg Koch, CEO & Co-Founder of Stone Brewing Co, expresses his passion for craft beer in this very unique podcast interview with a luminary figure in the industry.

Andy “The Beerman” Coppock kicks off The Business of Beer podcast series here on TapHunter Radio with an interview with Greg Koch, CEO & Co-Founder of Stone Brewing Co. Going back a number of years, these friends and colleagues dive head first into discussing Stone Brewing’s past and future, the artisanal model of American food culture, Greg’s 4 month sabbatical from technology, and much more.

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Show Notes

  • Greg’s moment of epiphany
  • How deep does the rabbit hole go
  • Stone Brewing Co.
  • “Success when we opened up: could you dare even say that word?”
  • Craft beer simply tastes good
  • Quality over cheapness
  • Commodity model vs artisanal model
  • Craft distillation
  • Technology allows like minded people to connect
  • The stupidest complaint Greg has ever heard
  • Greg’s 4 month sabbatical
  • Bumps in the road
  • Greg is very passionate

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