Announcing TapHunter 4.0 – Our Biggest Mobile App Update Yet!

the taphunter mobile app for finding bars, restaurants, and alcoholic beverages.

We are super excited to announce the brand new TapHunter Mobile App version 4.0! This is the biggest update we’ve ever done to the app, we’ve rebuilt the entire app from the ground up and it brings some major new features for TapHunter users. Announcing TapHunter 4.0 – Our Biggest Mobile App Update Yet!

Beverage and location screens got a major overhaul

Updated Location and Beverage screens make it super easy to follow places and beverages to get updates. This is one of the core features of TapHunter and now it’s easier and more direct than ever. We’ve also added powerful new filters to easily find exactly what you’re looking for on a location’s beverage list.

Find all the best places and beverages easier than ever

The Nearby screen has an entirely new interface for discovering awesome places and beverages near you. Now you can look specifically for different types of places like Brewery Tasting Rooms or Bottle Shops to find the exact kind of spot you’re looking for. You can also look for all kinds of beverages in addition to beer, so it’s super easy to find a list of IPA’s or Bourbon’s that are close by.

Another cool new feature of Nearby is the Top Local and Trending views, which harness the power of our data to provide a better experience. Top Local shows a list of beers near you that are local staples, which is great when discovering new areas and trying some of the top beers there. Trending shows some of the most recently popular beers nearby, which is great for discovering hot new beers to try.

Superpowered search

Search has been greatly improved in the new TapHunter app as well. It’s now super simple to search for a specific style like Imperial Stout or Cabernet, as well as searching for locations, specific beverages, and producers in any location.

New and improved beverage review system

The beverage review system saw a major update in this new version of the app. Now you can review all beverages including beer, spirits, and wine. We’ve also majorly revised the rating system to be on a new 1-5 scale. You can select decimal values like 3.4 or 4.5 for greater accuracy in your ratings.

Easier to use Activity Feed

We’ve also updated the activity feed to make it faster and simpler to click through to the activity items that you’re interested in. You can expand activity feed items to see the full list of beverages added by a location and immediately click to see more information.


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