Bar Tools Designed for Craft Beverages

The world of craft beverages is rapidly expanding, and thus the tools we use to develop such fine beers and cocktails, can vary greatly. As a bar/restaurant owner, there is a ton of traditional tackle, as well as new instruments that are necessary to stock in your bar, if you’re going to have the craziest and most inventive crafts in your market.

The following is a breakdown of a few classic essentials, as well as some new fixtures to discover and put to use in your business:



Although there are many new types of tools to play with in a bar, there are a few traditional versions that are essentials (yet often overlooked). The following are some classic tools to help you better serve your beverages:


Doubled-sided cocktail jiggers are a given for most bars, but believe it or not, a large amount of establishments fail to stock this simple tool. Not only does it prevent from over-pouring a craft cocktail, it allows for the perfect balance in any recipe.

An alternative to the common jigger (and usually not necessary if you have an informed staff) is the measured pourer:

Measured Pourer

These are generally plastic toppers to your bottles that stop the liquor from pouring after one ounce is dispensed. Graduated fins on the neck of these pourers prevent leakage, and unlike a jigger, there is no need to measure anything.

The only downside to these type of bar tools is that air can get caught if the pour is not angled correctly. The liquid can hiccup and it might result in over-pouring. If you choose to employ this tool, a well trained staff should have no problem using these with a little practice.


There is no question that if your establishment serves a ton of beer, you are most likely looking for counter space for glassware—especially if you have specials that involve large mugs or pitchers.

Racks come in many styles from wooden to cooled metal. If you are an establishment licensed to sell craft beer on-the-go, there are even options for collapsible wooden beer caddies, and other innovative ways to display product.



When it comes to craft beers and cocktails, sometimes pouring and presentation is part of the process. The entertainment value of using specific bar tools and garnishes is not lost in the craft beverage industry.

Unlike the ole’ instruments like jiggers and strainers, there are new methods that are capturing the attention of patrons, while also serving very practical purposes. The following are a few examples of modern tools to employ in your bar today:

Wine Aerator

Depending on the style of wine, more often than not, the beverage has to breathe. Aerating a wine can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours; so having a tool that speeds of the process, allows the flavor to most closely match what the vintner intended.

When purity is important—but time is of the essence, a portable aerator is the type of contraption you can hold under the bottle and pour right into a glass. There are several on the market, and the general science is that the wine mates with the air in a more instantaneous method, than a natural process.

Garnish Ejector

Moving into a more modern space, this is the most efficient and sanitary method for garnishing a craft beer or cocktail. Albeit, most bars and restaurant patrons will not mind a bartender using their hands to garnish a drink, sometimes a tool can attract attention. Not only is it practical in sanitary purposes, it is bound to spark an interesting conversation.

Spearing a cherry, olive, or capers is easy. Using the simple method to eject it into the drink provides much more flare than a simple bar fork. The compact design of these tools allows for easy storage and minimizes hand-to-drink contact.

Ice Tools

Everyone knows ice is cool (in more ways than one). Playing around with it in your craft drinks and cocktails is a surefire way to draw attention to a special drink, or a product you want to feature.

One of the latest trends is including a perfect sphere of ice, dropped into a scotch glass—or any cocktail of invention. Although the science may seem complex, it isn’t the most difficult task to develop mini ice creations that can wow guests.

The Macallan Ice Ball Machine is a unique investment that may just throw your craft beer and cocktails over the edge. For a cheap price of $180, your establishment can be creating these cool cocktail additions, while also promoting your latest craft drinks.


Market your Innovation

When it comes time to present these type of beer and cocktail Casanovas, you’re going to need a program that helps you print these type of menus. TapHunter provides a streamlined dashboard that allows you to send the right messages, to the best consumers—in a specific timeframe.

The best message you can send to customers, it’s what you’re excited about yourself. Digital drink menus are also an important investment when it comes to real-time information for your customers.

When people know about your newest craft beer and cocktails, they become excited about their future experience. Employing traditional tools (while also being open to new experiences) is how you can keep your business fresh and relevant.

When you own a bar or restaurant, part of your responsibility is equipping your people with the tools it takes to get the job done. Understanding not only the traditional equipment necessary—but keeping abreast of new trends; is how you can stay an innovative and refreshing entrepreneur in the industry.

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