5 Ways For a Drink To Look As Great As It Tastes

A Beer, Cocktail, Wine, or Spirit is Worth a Thousand Words. With a great deal of drinks out there, it can be difficult for your beverage to stand out. Many bars, restaurants, and breweries post images of their craft beers on their social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), hoping to attract more consumers. If they want to gain more traction, then it is a MUST to have alluring photos posted on social media. Remember, your drink tastes as good as it looks, so lets dive into 5 ways for a drink to look as great as it tastes!

5 Ways For a Drink To Look As Great As It Tastes


Aside from holidays such as Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Halloween there are other exciting events that occur, from National Surf Day on June 20th to Star Wars Day on May 4th. It may be in your favor to post during these special unique events to attract people who celebrate those days! National Mutt Day (July 31), National Dog Day (August 26), and Labor Day (September 4) are just around the corner. What will you post on those dates? TapHunter allows customers to effortlessly list events on our app and website. You can create and organize events and dates with ease, and prepare activities and content around those events. Don’t forget to hashtag your holidays for more reach.


Consumers must interact with someone at the bar, restaurant, or brewery to get a drink. Having actual employees on your social media feeds can add a personal touch to your images. It is neat when a customer can see the actual employees they interact with in social media!


Did you know that adventurers, travelers and nature lovers are 99% more likely to visit your location if you post a lovely scenic backdrop?  If only this was true, everyone would be posting images of beer with a waterfall in the background. Although, people may associate your beer with that background and that can be in your favor. Joe Shmoe scrolls through his social media and sees a pint of refreshing beer on the beach. Guess which drink he is going to think of next time he goes to the beach? * Exactly!

Big Eye, Australian Coast.

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We live in a world that thrives with the sharing economy. Why not incorporate the sharing economy with your social media? People are constantly taking photos of beer on their smartphone. They love to be recognized, especially by brands they love. Use those photos and post it on your social media. TapHunter now has Instagram tools to make it really easy to find people tagging your location!**

Cheers photo: @markofoamblanks #saintarcher #wingsandarrow

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Dogs don’t only retrieve bones but they have the potential to fetch you more customers. Dogs show your bar, restaurant, or brewery is cool, hip, friendly, welcoming, and just straight up awesome! Of course, we don’t recommend you post an image of a dog in the act of drinking!



We hope you enjoyed our 5 ways for a drink to look as great as it tastes!

*How beers end up at the beach are at the consumer’s discretion. Keep in mind can beers look like sodas.

**Ask for permission from the owner of the image and tag them on the photo.

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