Get Your Memorial Day On

happy memorial day

In just a few short weeks, the summer will kick off on Memorial Day weekend. With everyone and their brother on vacation, amped for the warm weather and ready to cut loose, bar owners need to pull out all the stops. Hit a homerun here and people will continue to think of you throughout the summer. The upside is a larger than normal number of people looking for a place to hang out and have a drink. The downside is that your competition will be working just as hard to bring the masses to their doors. Here are some ideas to ensure your establishment stands out from the crowd on May 27th.

Military Special
Memorial Day is of course in honor of our U.S. Military men and women, so show your appreciation with something that gets people talking. You could offer veterans and active military personnel any food on the menu for $1. Sure, you’ll take a hit on the bottom line but the return you’ll get in terms of feel-good vibes and buzz in the community will more than make up for it.

Food Bonanza
The typical, long list of bar specials – $6 bloody marys, $8 Irish mules, $15 BBQ with 1 side – is too confusing, and common. It’s hard for a consumer to make a decision with so many options, keep it simple and make a statement. You could bring in 1000 mussels from Prince Edward Island or 10 bushels of Old Bay steamed Maryland crabs. Of course you’ll want something that resonates in your community but look for a way to generate a double take when your announcement comes out.

Brewery Partners
With breweries popping up in virtually every city across the country, it shouldn’t be difficult to connect with a handful for a Memorial Day event. Certainly you’d want the breweries to bring their latest and greatest beers to serve. But take it a step further and make it interesting with legit giveaways. T-shirts are nice but think big – mountain bike, neon sign, free beer for a year. The point is to get the crowds in your door. Skip the generic “brewery freebies” and be specific with high value promotions that will get folks excited.

Let us know what’s worked for you in the past and what you’re planning this year!


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