5 Best Bar Promotions

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It’s time for your bar to be the cool kid on the block and the best way to do this is by offering promotions. Promotions attract crowds on weekdays and on the weekends. Use these top promotion ideas to increase your bar’s customers.

Offer A Beer of the Week
Do you have rotating taps? Give your customers something to look forward to with a Beer of the Week promotion. With TapHunter tools, you can track the most popular beers in your area. Use these stats to promote a beer of the week or month.

Tweet Your Specials
Grab the attention of your followers on Twitter. Update your specials on the TapHunter dashboard and the TapHunter Twitter account in your city will automatically tweet out to local drinkers.

Promote Your Specials on TV
Have you heard of digital drink menus? They are the hottest bar trend of 2015. Display your entire drink list on screen, and update tap changes in real time with the click of a button so your customers always see your most up-to-date offerings. If you’re interested in digital drink boards, click here!

Send a Monthly Newsletter
Create a monthly newsletter for two reasons: to brand your bar consistently and build customer relationships. Make your newsletter fun to read with photographs and customer testimonials. Showcase your social media accounts and encourage customers to connect with you through them.

Promote Your Bar on Instagram
A picture is worth a thousand words, especially these days. There over 70 million photos and videos shared daily on Instagram. Follow these tips to improve your bar’s Instagram account to resonate with more of your customers.

Start promoting your bar or restaurant today using one of these top five ways. Use your social media accounts, a newsletter, or digital drink board to attract customers. Good luck!

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