The Most Popular Bar Trend of 2015 is Displaying Your Drink List on a TV

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Digital drink menus are quickly becoming the #1 most popular bar and restaurant trend of 2015. Not only do they save you time updating your chalkboard 20 times a week, but they are also much easier to read and appeal to the technology generation! It is time to put the chalkboard to rest and switch to a digital drink menu. Scroll to the bottom of the page for more examples.

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The Design
TapHunter’s digital menu design options are endless. Whether you base your design on one of multiple templates or create a unique design that perfectly suits your bar’s personality, our tools will help you create your ideal menu.

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The Hardware
The digital displays are powered by a small hardware device. It is essentially a mini computer that you plug in to your TV via HDMI and connect to your Internet via Wi-Fi or hard wired. It is the size of a deck of cards and fits perfectly behind a TV.

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The Details
TapHunter digital drink menus can be horizontal or vertical. You can display all of your drinks on one screen or rotate through your whole list. You can also display multiple pour sizes and prices. You can also rotate through personal graphics that your team creates (ex. Happy hour promos, food specials, etc).

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The Price
Our digital drink menus are very affordable in comparison to other digital menu companies who charge thousands monthly. Schedule a demo to learn more. Digital menu packages also include many other tools to help you manage and market your beverage program. Request more information today to get a personalized quote!

See Some Personalized Examples

vertical digital beer board  coronado brewing digital board

See Some Standard Examples


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