3 Tips for Safely Re-Opening Your Location

3 tips for safely re opening your restaurant

With Covid restrictions easing up, restaurants and bars have begun re-opening their doors for indoor dining. While restaurant opening restrictions vary by state, it’s critical to ensure both your patrons and staff stay safe during this transitional period.

For example, the state of California released a guide for restaurants and bars that shares on overview of best practices for safely re-opening. The guide covers topics including screening employees before every shift; implementing proper team training; integrating ventilation, cleaning, and disinfecting protocols; physical distancing guidelines; and more.

In addition to these practical solutions, there are many operational efficiencies worth exploring to keep business running smoothly. Here are 3 key back-of-house aspects you can simplify to take stress off your plate as you re-open for in-room dining.

Leverage Contactless Menus

Everyone loves print menus, but times are changing. The use of digital, touchless menus has exploded during the pandemic. Contactless menus are the perfect way to eliminate the need for shared touching of physical items.

Using “quick response” codes (better known as “QR codes”), these menus are accessible to guests via a customized square barcode that links to your specific website. Users can easily scan the code from the photo app of any smartphone, and the link will pop up for them to view on their personal mobile devices.

Regardless of rotation rate, the same QR code will always bring up your current menu. This is also beneficial because it allows you to save on paper costs while directing customers to your print menu, website, online ordering link, or draft list on the TapHunter app.

Take Advantage of Digital Menus

Digital menus are another game-changer. In a time where we’re trying to limit physical touch as much as possible, this is a perfect way to eliminate the need for the manual changing of menu boards.

Updates can be made quickly and easily to target a certain demographic or target audience to maximize sales. Not only are digital menus beneficial from a safety perspective, but they’re more efficient, too. They even enable your employees to automatically schedule when their menus will change based on the time of day or day of the week.

Digital menus are also more visually appealing. With our simple digital menu board software, it’s never been easier to set them up. Intuitive layouts and options make it easy for you and your staff to design and edit your digital board. No lengthy trainings needed! Edit menu items from any phone, tablet, or computer.

Furthermore, we believe your menu should be as unique as your business. That’s why we have numerous options to help you create the perfect menu board. Choose from thousands of high-quality images; multiple columns and display options; hundreds of fonts and colors; and flexible pricing and categorization options.

Manage Inventory from Any Device

With all the changes happening in restaurant management, it’s critical to streamline back-end processes, too. Our inventory tools integrates with the Evergreen dashboard to refine simple tasks and save time. Don’t bother with tedious old-school spreadsheets and manual labor.

The ability to handle inventory from your phone is a game-changer. View categories at a glance and easily track quantities on-hand. Your data is accessibly anytime and from anywhere. Easily keep track of what you need to order and from whom. Use par levels to recommend your next order and save time.

Speaking of saving time, let us simplify your pricing calculations, too. The app simplifies your pricing calculations by providing pricing recommendations for alcohol costs. Stop doing complex calculations and let our system do the work for you.

Wrapping Up

There are a variety of FOH and BOH factors to consider when re-opening your restaurant for indoor dining. Both are just as important to the operation of your eatery. Be sure to train your staff, comply with necessary safety protocols, and implement proper distancing guidelines. Behind the scenes, leverage digital and touchless menus, and enhance your inventory management software. When you do, you’ll see great results.