Tips to Create a More Profitable Bar & Beer Program

Read these 5 quick tips on how to create a more profitable bar & beer program!

1. $ell more Craft Beer. While craft beer may have a higher acquisition cost than traditional macro beer, the profit margins are considerably higher. Craft beer typically sells for $2-3 more per pint than mass market beer. With roughly 120 pints per 15.5 gallon keg, you can make an additional $200-300 per keg.


2. $ave time (and money). In our experience, as well as the bar managers we have spoken to, you can spend upwards of 3-5 hours per week updating your beer lists. Between updating print menus, your website and social media, that time really adds up. If you could save 50-75% of that time, why wouldn’t you?


3. Educate. With the additional time savings, you can more effectively educate your staff and customer base about the finer points of craft beer. A staff that can describe different beers and their styles properly will sell more beer. A customer base that understands the differences between mass market beer and craft will drink better (and more profitable) beer.


4. Craft Beer focused promotions. Focus on promoting your craft beer program; tap takeovers, beer dinners, and meet the local brewer events will all drive consumers into your location. Local brewers and distributors are more than willing to invest their time to help you sell more product.


5. Get TapHunter. With a database of over 40,000 craft beers, 115,000 downloads of the free TapHunter app, and 65,000 monthly visitors to our website, our reach can really help you promote to the craft beer fans out there. Our easy to use platform can combine your web menus, print menus, on deck list, Facebook and Twitter updates into a simple, easy to use, all-in-one solution. In addition, we also can help you design and implement digital beer boards using your existing TV’s. Don’t just take my word for it, see what our clients say.


Andy Coppock

Business Development // TapHunter


[email protected]

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