The “Paws” and Cons of Dogs at the Bar

dog wants beer

Dogs are more and more often considered family members these days, and folks like to bring their furry family members with them everywhere–often including the bar. Whether you choose to allow dogs at your bar is up to your region’s health codes, and then up to you. Consider these “paws” and cons of furry friends at the pub to help you choose the right fit for your business.

Con: Dogs may violate health codes.

Before you welcome your customers’ pets inside, read up on your city’s animal regulations. In some regions of the U.S., health codes equate dogs with cockroaches. In other municipalities dogs are allowed in outside areas, like sidewalk bars or patios. And in still other areas, dogs can come indoors as long as the establishment does not serve food.

Con: Some pet parents are more responsible than others.

Exposing dogs to social situations, especially where alcohol is present, requires responsible pet ownership. If dogs are allowed in your business, you may need to post ground rules. These could include requiring pet owners to stay with their dogs at all times, asking dogs who misbehave or are loud to leave and more. Bringing a dog into a social situation is a privilege, and requires adherence to basic standards that keep everyone at your establishment safe–whether human or dog.

Pro: Allowing dogs can boost business.

Dog-friendly events and establishments are quite popular with dog owners. It’s estimated that up to 47% of American households include dogs, so that’s a big, happy demographic you’re serving.

Hosting a dog-friendly event is a simple, fun way to show your customers you care about their families. Inviting owners and their well-behaved dogs to enjoy happy hour specials and dog biscuits on your outdoor patio can be fun for everyone, and low overhead for you. Promote events like these on an app like TapHunter and on your website events list so that pet parents can find dog-friendly fun more easily.


Pro: Dog-friendly businesses develop customer loyalty.

Passionate pet owners will be more likely to frequent places their furry family members are welcome. And they’ll tell their friends! Promote your decision to be dog friendly, because customers with dogs are looking for businesses like yours. Grow your loyal customers-with-dogs base by labeling your business as “welcoming well-behaved dogs” in window signage, on your website, on your Google My Business listing and on social media. Tag your business as “dog friendly” on TapHunter so users can easily find you for a night out with Fido!

Cheers to choosing what’s right for your business, whether you allow dogs at your bar or not. Now you have a few “paws” and cons to help you decide.