Summer Done Right at Your Bar in 3 Steps

With summer upon us, it’s critical as a bar owner that you are on your A-game. The weather is warm, people are taking vacation and everyone is looking for a good time. You need to do everything possible to seize the opportunity and boost your bottom line. Draw the summer crowds to your bar now, ensure a good experience and then continue to cultivate them as the summer ends. Let’s take a look at 3 things you can you do to make sure you’re properly positioned to capitalize on the summer boom.

Social Media

You likely already have a presence on the big social media platforms but are you maximizing that presence? Facebook, Twitter and Instagram continue to evolve but the main thing to remember is that all 3 now have robust advertising programs. With your customers browsing these channels 24/7 you can be in front of them even when your doors are closed.

Just because you’re buying ad space doesn’t mean you have to be selling anything per se. A simple mix of engaging content and announcements of specials or new events is a great place to start. You can target geographically and demographically so choose your targets and let them know your doors are open for the summer.

Get Local

Summer is a time of festivals, concerts, art fairs and the like for weeks on end. Across the board, there are opportunities to be engaged with these community events. If you can sponsor the drinks tent, super. If you can get your name and logo on the tote bag being handed out, that works too. When these events are painting the town with their posters, get your name on there and let everyone know you’re a supporter. Events such as these draw people from your community that you might not otherwise be engaging with. So it’s a perfect avenue for attracting new, local customers. But you need to be doing this now, because once summer is over, the weekend event scene will dry up too.

Operations Efficiency

In order to do the above, you need to have the free time available. Are you doing everything possible on the operations side of your bar to open up your time resources? Are your print menus templated and easily updated or do you have to manually edit and fine tune each time the beer list changes? Do your followers on Twitter and Facebook know that you just tapped a fresh keg of the local grapefruit IPA? If not, take a look at TapHunter. Along with templated print menus, automated social media posting, TapHunter can update your website and digital drink boards all from one portal. So, as you roll out your summer plan extraordinaire, don’t forget to nail down the efficiency side of things first.

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