Save Digital Menu Board Presets and New Holiday Themes

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Digital menu boards are a great way to provide a menu that’s always up to date with your current menu and also engage your customers in fun and exciting ways, like displaying social media posts or promotions. Today we’re announcing a few updates that make our digital menu boards even easier to customize for any occasion, as well as some fun features just for the holidays!


Saving Digital Menu Board Presets

Our digital menu builder allows you to custom build your own menu design in the TapHunter dashboard, giving you unparalleled freedom to control exactly how your menu boards look at any given time. But what if you want to change up your design for a special time of the year without losing the main design you’ve built? That’s where the new saving presets feature comes in handy.


Now there’s a “Save as preset” button right at the top of the digital menu builder:

screen shot 2017 12 14 at 11.00.22 am

This makes it super simple to craft as many digital board designs as you like for any occasion and swap them out whenever you choose. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination, you could have a summer themed design or a preset specifically for the super bowl. These are some of the clear uses that we have heard requested already, and we’re excited to see how our creative customers find new ways to take advantage of this new capability.


Super Bowl Preset Example

super bowl digital menu board example


Taco Tuesday Preset Example

taco tuesday digital menu board example
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Holiday Digital Menu Board Presets

With the end of the year quickly approaching we wanted to give our customers a fun way to spice up their digital menu boards with some holiday and new years cheer. That’s why we created two festive new digital board presets that you can apply to your digital board to create a fun and seasonally themed atmosphere for your customers. We’ve created two holiday presets for you to enjoy:

Winter Holidays Digital Board Preset

winter holiday digital menu board


New Years Digital Board Preset

new years digital menu board


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