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The Business of Beer, Episode 40: Jason zumBrunnen  – CoFounder of Ratio Beerworks

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In this episode of the Business of Beer with Andy “The Beerman” Coppock, we are joined Jason zumBrunnen, CoFounder of Ratio Beerworks. Jason joins us to talk about all things beer! If you are interested in craft brewing, this podcast is for you!


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Show Notes:

– I was fortunate enough to visit the brewery during GABF, and was blown away by the variety and quality of the lineup. Obviously you and your partners have a pretty strong brewing background. Where did you guys come from?
– Why Ratio? Is there a meaning behind the name?
– What was your inspiration to get into craft beer, beside the drinking part, of course? Was there a particular beer or moment of epiphany?
– What’s your ‘go to’ beer or beer style?
– Do you have a brewing style? What about favorite beers to brew?
– One thing that struck me was your connection to the neighborhood. Are you technically in RiNo or Five Points?
– Denver has one of the fastest growing beer and brewery scenes I have experienced. In the last 2-3 years Colorado’s brewery count has almost tripled and most are in Denver. They all seem to have real ties to the neighborhoods they are in. Is that just a trend or is there something else?
– Most are in older neighborhoods like 5 Points where you are located, Sunnyside, RiNo, East Colfax…is it just the chance for low rents or is there something else about these neighborhoods that appeals to brewers?
– Are you happy to be a neighborhood brewery or have you set your sights higher?
– One thing I definitely saw was more small restaurants, very much in the farm to table and more natural foods. Do you think craft beer has played a part in that shift?
– If my notes are correct, you used to play in a band called The Fairlanes. tell us a little about your musical background.
– How does that integrate with the beer and your brewing?
– You also have some amazing art in the tasting room. How did you come to connect with the local art scene?
– One of my favorite beers is The Knew Schmew Brew, a gose style beer with sea salt and a boatload of lime zest. The bottle came with a free music download from The Knew. How did that come about?
– You have a German brewing background, yet you like to experiment. Traditionally those concepts don’t really go together. How do you make it work?
– How has the local reaction to the Breckenridge sale been?
– As a small local brewer, how do you see the landscape playing out in the next 5-10 years?
– Speaking of social media, where can people find you on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram?
– Jason zumBrunnen from Ratio Beerworks…Thanks for being part of the Business of Beer podcast!

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