An Easy Way to Reward Your Customers

Customers are your highest priority, right? Getting them is important, and keeping them is even more important. So how do you keep your customers?  How do you foster loyalty and happiness in your customer base? Two words: loyalty programs.

Loyalty programs are rewards systems for your customers, thanking them for repeat business with specials, discounts, rewards points, or events just for them. Research shows that “…57% of adult consumers are more likely to visit restaurants that offer reward programs.” Give your customers a good reason to come back to you, and make them feel appreciated, by incentivizing their visits to your business. There are a few key points to consider for successful implementation of your loyalty program:

Your Program Should Suit Your Target Customers
If you own a sports bar, run game-day specials for customers who follow you on social media. TapHunter’s social media tools can help you notify fans on Facebook (you can even schedule posts to go out a day or two before game-day!) and you can also add a promotional image to your digital displays a week or two in advance.

Your Program Should Please Customers and Promote Your Business
Reward your customers with a drink on the house for checking in at your business. These types of rewards do more than just make your customers happy–they also promote you. You improve your online/social media profile and visibility through your business’s “check-in” activity. Reward customers who post photos to Instagram with a direct message and a discount offer–a great way to build relationships with your customers, make them feel recognized, and encourage them to return.

Your Program Should Incorporate Out-of-the-box Thinking
We love this example from a Buzztime article about outrageous rewards offered through loyalty programs:

“Forget coupons or free meals…Italian restaurant Vino Vidi Vici offers something a little more impressive. Any customer with 50 purchases gets his or her name engraved on a table. Customers will come back often for the chance to have their own table!”

Talk about out-of-the-box thinking! Bars are places people go to have a good time and feel good, and that motivation leaves ample room for you to play with fun and funny rewards for your loyal customer base.

No matter what you choose to do, your efforts to make your customers feel appreciated will not go unnoticed. Reward your loyal customers as only your business can do, and you and your fans will feel a happy buzz!