Most Americans Live Within 10 Miles of a Brewery

In a recent interview with Kate Rogers from CNBC on the Nightly Business Report, TapHunter CEO Melani Gordon expanded on the craft beer movement, and the importance of local and high quality products. “Many Americans now live within walking distance of a craft brewer or distiller—that are making great quality product, and I think that resonates a lot.” (22:43)

In fact, the majority of Americans now live within 10 miles of a brewery, many of which are even shorter and walking distance. Plus, the Brewer’s Association has over 2,000 planned in their database. Most of these breweries are small and independent, which represents a return to the localization of beer production, and an emphasis on sustainability.

In the past few years breweries have grown exponentially, and recent reports show that there are now over 3,000 operating in the United States. To put the industry boom in perspective, the last time America had this many breweries…was in 1870.

In fact, up until the past few years the growing process has been so slow that even 20 years ago, Americans had a very limited choice on their beer. In the 1980’s, the top 6 breweries controlled over 92% of U.S. beer production, and by 1995 there were only about 500 breweries operating at one time.

Just like prohibition, however, innovative brewers and creative beer drinkers have fought back. It is a great age for beer in the United States, and people now have access to a myriad of styles and flavors, like never before!

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