Digital Menus, Now with Large Images!

Digital menus are a great way to present an up-to-date list of what you have available to your customers, in addition to allowing you to showcase promotional content and activity from social media. We are always looking for ways to improve our digital menus here at Evergreen, and that’s why we’re excited to introduce a really massive update to these tools!

Up until now, our digital menus could support either one or two columns of menu items (you can see some examples here). Menus primarily included text, with the option to show a small logo of a beer, wine, or spirit, or a picture of a cocktail, but not a lot of options to display larger imagery.

Today we’re introducing the ability to include large images on your digital menus, by expanding the number of columns to three to six, instead of up to two. This opens up a ton of new possibilities.

If you’re looking to highlight only a handful of items, like a cocktail list, a food truck menu (yes, our menus can display food too!), or daily happy hour specials, then creating a menu with multiple columns but only one row of items can result in a really excellent display with large images and detailed captions for each item as seen below:

screen shot 2018 10 24 at 2.47.06 pm

happy hour menu 1

While these new layouts shine when showcasing a few items (as seen in the examples above), they are also a really powerful way to display lots of items. Maybe you have a large food menu or you want to display a large number of beers, but you’d like to display large images to break up  all the text. The examples below highlight how you can achieve this with our new layouts:

sandwich menu 1

large beer menu 1

This new feature was released because of valuable customer feedback. If you are a TapHunter for Business customer, we want to thank you for being a part of making our service better! If you aren’t a customer,  we’d like to invite you to see what we have to offer!

We’re excited to see what awesome menu ideas our customers will create with these new layouts. With the ability to feature  items ranging from food, to merchandise, and of course beverages, the possibilities are truly endless!