Four Ways to Leverage Your Restaurant Social Media Content


Social media is now a critical component of marketing, especially in the F&B industry. Both businesses and consumers create abundant amount of content in this space. To stand out amongst your competitors, be strategic in your approach to social media for your restaurant. There are many ways to do this and many perks to doing so.

A key benefit to humanizing your restaurant through social media is the concept of social proof. People are conditioned to copy the behaviors of their peers, especially those they trust. Having a strong social media presence is a great way to showcase your restaurant from a human perspective, and have your loyal patrons do the same.

Here are a few tips on how to optimize your restaurant’s social media presence:

Create a Strong Instagram Presence

Instagram, in particular, presents a variety of opportunities for restaurants and bars. Instagram is a visual platform and it’s common for folks to share photos of their meals and unique dining experiences. In addition to regularly posting photos to your own account, create dishes and a visually appealing ambiance to encourage others to take and share photos as well.

From a practical perspective, be sure to monitor your venue’s geolocation on the platform and keep an eye on posts in which you’re tagged. Take advantage of video features like Instagram Reels and Stories that have been shown to be favorited by their algorithm. This gives you the opportunity to get creative with your marketing and create something with the potential to go “viral.”

Collect Positive Reviews

Most diners who are debating where to go will refer to Yelp or other similar social review sites for other peoples’ feedback. Ask for feedback from happy customers on a regular basis to ensure your reviews stay current and positive. This will ensure those new to your brand have relevant insight.

Be sure to monitor these sites on a regular basis and respond as needed. This further emphasizes your eatery’s human touch and that you care about those who visit. You can also leverage positive reviews for marketing! As an example, some restaurants and bars will display positive comments on their digital menu boards or web widgets.

Stimulate a Sense of “FOMO”

FOMO, or “fear of missing out”, is the anxiety we feel when we believe we’re missing out on something. Use this psychological marketing trigger to entice guests to make impulsive decisions to avoid “missing out” on exclusive deals they may not be able to access later. Short-term social media contests are an excellent example.

Hold contests on Instagram or Twitter. Ask followers to use your hashtag or share a photo of their favorite menu items to enter to win something. It could be a dessert, cocktail, or the meal they shared. The more attractive your prizes, the more people are likely to take part. The value of publicity and social proof you get will be worth more than the cost of the items you give away as incentives.

Consider Influencer Marketing

Another great way to use FOMO to build social proof is to get influencers to talk about you on social media. Influencer marketing is currently one of the fastest-growing forms of marketing. It not only helps businesses reach their target audiences, but also to build credibility and social proof through the endorsements of well-known personalities.

Work with local influencers whose following consists of people from your region. That way, their endorsement directly impacts your restaurant visits. Influencer marketing is most effective when there is relevance between the influencer and what they promote, so be sure to find the right fit. Micro influencers are great to target, and the food space is bursting with them!


There are numerous ways to leverage social media for your restaurant. These are just a few examples. One of the unique aspects of social media is the ability to humanize your brand and have your patrons market for you. Take advantage of these opportunities to stand out among the noise.

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