How to Set Up Wi-Fi in Your Bar or Restaurant

In 2012, the University of South Florida did a study on the impact of Wi-Fi in bars and restaurants. 70% of the respondents said they preferred establishments that offered Wi-Fi over those that did not.

Top 5 Bar & Restaurant Trends of 2016 [WEBINAR]

2016 is shaping up to be the year of the Customer Experience. The upcoming year will combine the best of old and new to share more information, create more choices, and inspire a greater sense

4 Types of Technology to Increase Bar Revenue

In this ever-changing landscape of technology, bar owners must stay on the cutting edge to not only entertain their patrons, but increase revenue. There are several types of tech that you can install in your

How to Gain “Followers” on TapHunter

Followers: who are they and why are they so important? Well, your followers are your loyal customers and people that like what you’re doing. They are the people who want to know what you’re up

How to Jump Start your TapHunter Success

We created this short checklist for you to help jump start your TapHunter success. Check off the 6 tips below and you are well on your way to success! Put out your TapHunter promotional material

The Most Popular Bar Trend of 2015 is Displaying Your Drink List on a TV

Join the Trend Today with the Market Leader TapHunter! Digital drink menus are quickly becoming the #1 most popular bar and restaurant trend of 2015. Not only do they save you time updating your chalkboard

TapHunter Releases Spirit & Cocktail Tools Independent From Their Popular Beer Tools

Do you have the best spirits and/or cocktail list in town? Are you mixing up a new specialty cocktail or purveying a unique single malt Scotch or other spirit, and you want people to know

A Homepage That Wows!: What You Need on Your Bar’s Website Homepage

An ugly website homepage is not a good thing, but an ugly homepage that isn’t helpful is just the worst. In this Internet age, your homepage is likely your business’s first impression for potential customers.

Mobile Marketing for Bar Owners [INFOGRAPHIC]

As 2014 comes to a close, mobile use is at an all time high. That means mobile marketing is more important now than ever before for any business, especially bars and restaurants. If you own a bar or

Revolutionary apps

The term “app” is a shortening of the term “application software”. It has become very popular and in 2010 was listed as “Word of the Year”

Mobile Marketing Stats & Checklist for Bar Owners

  It is rare these days to find someone without their cell phone in arms reach, so when it comes to making a decision on where to eat and drink guess where people turn? There

5 Big Bar Trends for 2015

  Bar patrons have become better educated about their favorite wines, beers and spirits. The up-and-coming bar trends in 2015 will aim to meet the sophisticated and evolving tastes of both regular and sporadic customers.

Digital Beer Display – Future or Fad?

Digital Beer Display = FUTURE It seems more and more restaurants, bars, taprooms and brewery tasting rooms are jumping on the digital bandwagon with large format HDTV displays featuring their daily offerings. Is this the

TapHunter Films Presents: 5 Reasons You Don’t Need TapHunter

Why, yes, when we aren’t busy rescuing kittens from trees, helping elderly women cross the street and simplifying the lives of countless bar and restaurant owners we do find time to dabble in filmmaking. Last

Tech Trend Report: iPad Menus featuring STACKED CEO Paul Monteko

Technology is solidifying its place as a top trend in the restaurant industry as we are seeing more mobile reservation systems, loyalty programs, payment procedures and smartphone apps every day. One of the boldest technological