Sports Promotion Tips for Bars and Restaurants

sports promotion tips bars and restaurants
Show Games Your Customers Want to See If there is a team that is local to your business, it’s very likely that their game will be of interest to customers. On top of this, invest

Top Stout Beers to Add to Your Drink List

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Stouts are a type of ale brewed with many of the same components as other beers (e.g. yeast and hops). However, the distinguishing factor is that stouts feature more roasted malts than other brews typically

The Science Behind Liquor Prices: Trends, Tactics, and Technology

Pricing drinks properly is one of the hardest tasks for bar or restaurant owners to get right. When set too high, liquor prices can decrease orders, but when set too low, prices can depress revenue.

Bar & Restaurant Decor Ideas for the Holidays

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Nothing says holiday spirit quite like a well-decorated establishment. But with so much to do around the holidays, it’s understandable that Insta-worthy decor falls by the wayside. Here are our top restaurant decor ideas to

Increase Sales This Holiday Season

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The holiday season offers boundless opportunities for bars and restaurants to increase their sales and create momentum for the new year.  As Q4 rolls in and back out again, bars and restaurants should capitalize on

Holiday Marketing Tips for Bars and Restaurants [WEBINAR]

blog post about holiday marketing tips for bars and restaurants
The holiday season offers boundless opportunities for local businesses to bring in new customers, increase sales and create momentum for the new year. As Q4 rolls in, bars and restaurants should capitalize on the increased foot

Top Ten Fall Beers: 2017 Edition

With pumpkin spice season rolling in, and bikini season making its’ way out, many bar hoppers will be looking for festive ways to roll in the fall. Thankfully, we’re here to help. Here at Evergreen

How Instagram Can Help Your Bar or Restaurant Make More Money

How Instagram Can Help Your Bar or Restaurant Make More Money
Instagram is one of the most widely used social networks, and this is especially true among bar and restaurant owners and their customers. Having a greater presence on social media helps to get you more

Turning Instagram Posts Tagged at Your Business Into Repeat Customers

From likes to comments to views, there are a number of ways followers engage with your business on social media. If you’re a savvy bar or restaurant owner, you make the most of every virtual customer

How Digital Displays and Social Media Improve Customer Experience

How Digital Displays and Social Media Improve Bar Customer Experience
Digital displays are becoming more and more common in bars, tasting rooms, and just about anywhere that serves alcohol. They provide a lot of benefits over a chalkboard; quicker menu updates, easier to read in

Top 10 Sour Beers According to TapHunter Users

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Choosing the right beers to sell can make or break your business. We know this is a big decision, so we are here to help! These are the most sought-after sour beers on the TapHunter

New TapHunter Instagram Features

The New TapHunter Instagram Features provide exciting new ways to monitor and increase your following and engagement on Instagram. View Follower Count and Recent Posts We’ve introduced new ways to monitor your Instagram account and

Top 10 IPAs to Carry for Your Bar

Today is National IPA Day (August 3, 2017) and customers will surely be looking for the top local IPAs. Choosing the right beer to sell can make or break your business. Here at TapHunter we

5 Ways For a Drink To Look As Great As It Tastes

A Beer, Cocktail, Wine, or Spirit is Worth a Thousand Words. With a great deal of drinks out there, it can be difficult for your beverage to stand out. Many bars, restaurants, and breweries post

Be The Super Bar This Comic Con 2017

Comic-Con, the most popular event San Diego hosts annually starts July 19-23. Comic enthusiasts, locals, travelers, and full costumed children (and adults) will be pouring in San Diego in the thousands. Bar owners on TapHunter’s