Why are Printed Bar Menus Still Important?

Why are printed menus still important in 2018?
We’ve all walked into a packed bar and struggled to find the menu, only to discover that a dimly-lit chalkboard in the distance holds the list we so desperately seek. Then a shining sheet of

Listing Events on Your Website

Events are a great way for bars and restaurants to attract customers to come in on off-days or to increase loyalty, and who doesn’t love a good trivia night right? Promoting your events is crucial

Scheduling Social Media Posts using TapHunter

Scheduling Social Media Posts Using TapHunter
Social media is an important piece of every business’s marketing strategy (and if it’s not part of yours, it should be!). It’s clear that in this modern day and age, people young and old are

St. Patrick’s Day Digital Display Theme

Digital Board Updates (St. Patrick's Day)
It’s that time of year again! St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and massive amounts of green beer will soon be on display in just about every bar in America. What could possibly

Creative Happy Hours for Bars and Restaurants

Creative Happy Hours for Bars and Restaurants
Happy hour is arguably the most common bar and restaurant promotion. Chances are good that you–and your competitors–offer some sort of discount from 3-7pm on weekdays. Because they are so widespread, your happy hour needs

Facebook Strategy for Bars and Restaurants: A Guide for the News Feed Changes

Image for a blog post about Facebook's update
If you’re a bar or restaurant owner, you might be thinking how you can step up your social media game in 2018 (and if you’re not – then maybe check out the post on why

4 Tips to Encourage Guest Content

Image for social media blog post for bar and restaurants to encouraging guests to create content
Creating Social Media Buzz For Your Restaurant Looking to improve your restaurant’s social media presence? Start by encouraging your guests to take more photos of your location. When guests share their in-location experiences on social

Bar and Restaurant Trends for 2018

Bar and Restaurant Trends for 2018
It’s that time of year again, and we’re excited to share our insights on the biggest bar and restaurant trends for 2018. Bar and Restaurant Trends for 2018 Review Sites Other Than Yelp Using More

How to Start a Successful Bar or Restaurant in 2018 [WEBINAR]

Starting a successful bar or restaurant requires a ton of planning, strategy, and hard work, but if you’re passionate about it and willing to do what it takes, then it can be a massively rewarding

How to Respond: A Guide to Reviews for Bars & Restaurants

promo image for a blog post about responding to online reviews and check ins for bars and restaurants
Online reviews are part of being a bar or restaurant owner today. No way around it. While you may not exactly love Yelp, there are clear benefits to review sites. Happy customers provide “social proof”

Save Digital Menu Board Presets and New Holiday Themes

Blog post promoting updates to TapHunter's digital menu boards.
Digital menu boards are a great way to provide a menu that’s always up to date with your current menu and also engage your customers in fun and exciting ways, like displaying social media posts

5 Quick Tips for Menu Design [INFOGRAPHIC & WEBINAR]

Photo for blog post featuring an infographic and tips for menu design
From layout to fonts–how well are your menus selling your drinks and your business? Your menus are often the first impression a guest has of your bar or restaurant. From visiting your website, to walking

Facebook Local: An Introduction for Small Businesses

Previously known as their Events app, the new Facebook Local app is meant to function as a business listing service, similar to that of Yelp and TripAdvisor. It provides information and reviews on a variety

The Importance of Social Media for Small Businesses

It can be easy to dismiss social media as trivial and trendy; however, recent studies suggest the opposite. According to data from Pew, social media use has consistently gone up every year for the past

Post to Social Media from Mobile With TapHunter Manager

We are excited to announce that social media posting is now available on the TapHunter Manager mobile app! Posting your menu updates on social media is a great way to engage both your loyal customers and