5 Quick Tips for Menu Design [INFOGRAPHIC & WEBINAR]

photo for blog post featuring an infographic and tips for menu design
From layout to fonts–how well are your menus selling your drinks and your business? Your menus are often the first impression a guest has of your bar or restaurant. From visiting your website, to walking

The Science Behind Liquor Prices: Trends, Tactics, and Technology

Pricing drinks properly is one of the hardest tasks for bar or restaurant owners to get right. When set too high, liquor prices can decrease orders, but when set too low, prices can depress revenue.

How Digital Displays and Social Media Improve Customer Experience

how digital displays and social media improve bar customer experience
Digital displays are becoming more and more common in bars, tasting rooms, and just about anywhere that serves alcohol. They provide a lot of benefits over a chalkboard; quicker menu updates, easier to read in

5 Ways For a Drink To Look As Great As It Tastes

A Beer, Cocktail, Wine, or Spirit is Worth a Thousand Words. With a great deal of drinks out there, it can be difficult for your beverage to stand out. Many bars, restaurants, and breweries post

Digital Drink Boards: Why you Should Install one Today!

Any bar owner that offers a variety of craft beer can tell you one of the challenges is keeping up with the menus. The common go-to has always been a chalkboard over the bar, which

Why You Need Digital Drink Menus

If you own a bar, you are busy. Period. Opening the bar, serving customers and closing the bar is hard work. There are an endless list of details that need to be addressed like managing

2016: The Year for Digital Drink Menus

You might already have digital drink boards or maybe you’ve been on the fence about upgrading those chalkboards. Either way, 2016 is going to be a great year for digital menus. We’ve had tons of feedback and put our

How to Pair Your Cider With a Good Dish

Autumn is in full force and what better way to celebrate, than stocking your bar with some fall flavors! This can be done efficiently with an addition of some robust flavored ciders. Of course, since

World Record-Holding Bar Uses TapHunter to Manage Beer Menu

The new world record-holding bar is now using TapHunter to manage and market their massive selection of tap handles. Raleigh Beer Garden (RBG), located in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, is the new craft beer spot

The Most Popular Bar Trend of 2015 is Displaying Your Drink List on a TV

Join the Trend Today with the Market Leader TapHunter! Digital drink menus are quickly becoming the #1 most popular bar and restaurant trend of 2015. Not only do they save you time updating your chalkboard

How To Create An Enticing Cocktail Menu

As consumers’ tastes continue to evolve with the craft beverage movement, it’s crucial that every bar owner keep menus relevant. Craft beers are more prevalent than ever and cocktails are not taking a back seat.

Digital Beer Display – Future or Fad?

Digital Beer Display = FUTURE It seems more and more restaurants, bars, taprooms and brewery tasting rooms are jumping on the digital bandwagon with large format HDTV displays featuring their daily offerings. Is this the

Tech Trend Report: iPad Menus featuring STACKED CEO Paul Monteko

Technology is solidifying its place as a top trend in the restaurant industry as we are seeing more mobile reservation systems, loyalty programs, payment procedures and smartphone apps every day. One of the boldest technological