4 Ways to Ensure Your Bar Rocks

If you sell craft beer at your bar, you are in luck. The brewing industry has a lot going for it – explosive growth, being the cool kids on the block, raving fans, tons of new beers – but that doesn’t mean you can just sell the latest and greatest brew and call it a day. Your bar probably rocks already but if you’re stumbling in these 4 areas, you may be missing out on your full potential.

Spruce Up Your Website

Make sure your website is up to date. Why? What do you do when looking for something? Go online and search it. And what’s your reaction when you land on a website that hasn’t been updated in 10 years? Likely not positive. Same goes for your bar’s website. You want visitors to be hanging out on your site, not racing to close the window. You’d be amazed how nice a site you can create with templates these days. WordPress is the standard bearer in this department but don’t forget SquareSpace, they frequently run promotions to new users. Plus, companies like TapHunter have a friendly website widget that you can use to display your live beverage list in one quick step. And keep in mind that Google will soon be removing websites from mobile search results if that site is not mobile friendly.

Brand Yourself

Customers that have a great experience at a bar are always on the lookout for branded merchandise. These are a great way to add new revenue and put your name out there in the form of human advertising. But not just t-shirts – funky bottle openers, a bicycle bell, dog treats, tap handles and growlers! Stone and New Belgium are examples of breweries with a selection of products you’d actually buy for someone. Emulate these guys and you won’t go wrong.

Get Local

As the craft beer revolution has evolved, there seems to be a shift away from “How many IBU’s?” to “Where is this beer from?” #DrinkLocal is popular across all mediums and your bar should embrace this movement. With over 4,000 breweries open or in planning, it’s likely you’ve got some local or at least regional operations to choose from. Aside from being a great selling point, you’re supporting the local economy which is a win for everyone.

Be Social

You have a Twitter feed buzzing with folks talking about how much fun they had at your pub last night. Instagram is likewise crammed with folks actually posting pictures of doing this. So join in the fun. Simply auto-sharing a Facebook post to Twitter is no longer enough. Get involved in your bar’s social media universe and engage. A great way to get started is using the social media tools that come with TapHunter. When you update your drinks list, TapHunter can automatically post them to Facebook and Twitter. Your customers are on there and looking to interact. So, let TapHunter create new posts while you spend more time engaging.

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