Using the TapHunter Holiday Calendar for Social Posting

using the taphunter holiday calendar for social posting

Posting to social media is a critical component to your marketing strategy. Bottom line, potential customers can’t become real life customers if they don’t know about your bar or restaurant. Evergreen’s social tools make it easy to reach your target audience at the most impactful times! Our holiday calendar and post composer tools are the most efficient way to get the job done right.

Why is Social Important?

You might be asking yourself, why does my brick-and-mortar business need to be online? While you likely have regulars and a decent amount of foot traffic, in this day and age you are leaving money on the table if you don’t have an active online presence. Social media outreach lets you connect with a greater number of people than ever before possible.

With Evergreen’s Facebook, Instagram, Google and Twitter posting tools, you can draft and schedule posts to get your business in front of customers at the most impactful times with less effort. Draft the message, select a picture, and set the time to post all in the Evergreen dashboard –  “Set it and forget it!”

using our taphunter holiday calendar for scheduled posting


How Do I Create a Social Post in Evergreen?

It’s easy to post with Evergreen. After updating any of your menus in the Evergreen dashboard, you can select/deselect the beverages that you want to post about. The next step is to select the beverage images that you want to highlight (The image selection will be based on the beverages you are adding and come from our database of beverages).

using our taphunter holiday calendar for scheduled posting

In the final step, add any additional text you want to the pre-populated message listing your menu additions. Then you will select the date and time most likely to reach your target market or post immediately.

using our taphunter holiday calendar for scheduled posting


Looking for Tips on What to Post?

That’s where Evergreen’s suggested posts really shine! We offer suggestions for posts based on menu updates, great reviews you’ve received, upcoming events, fun holidays and even the day of the week. Learn more about our social media tools here.

Evergreen’s free Holiday Calendar is another great resource to use in conjunction with the post composer and suggested posts. Stack posts for both mainstream and lesser-known holidays all summer long. Whether making posts for the most patriotic beers in preparation of July 4th or highlighting your newest bourbon for National Mint Julep Day (May 30th) our tools make it quick and easy so you can get back to doing what you do best, make your customers happy!

2018 Holiday Calendar

Download the calendar here.

promotional image for bar industry holiday calendar

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