The Business of Beer with Jacqueline Olivier from Brewery Igniter

The Business of Beer, Episode 21: Jacqueline Olivier – Property manager for HG Fenton Company discusses their newest embarkment with Brewery Igniter!


In this episode of the Business of Beer with Andy “The Beerman” Coppock, Jacqueline Olivier from HG Fenton Company discusses their newest project, Brewery Igniter. Brewery Igniter is a set of turn key brewing facilities designed for entrepreneur brewers to turn their passions into profitable brewing companies. Each space is decked out with Premier Stainless

Show Notes:

  • What is the Brewery Igniter?
  • Why did you start the Brewery Igniter? Where did the initial idea come from?
  • Is there anything like this anywhere else?
  • What impact will it have on possible entrepreneur brewers?
  • What kind of savings can a potential brewery startup expect vs opening a more traditional setup?
  • Have you seen other similar facilities in California or around the US?
  • What problems are solved for the brewer going through Brewery Igniter instead of the traditional way
  • Are you helping the breweries with sourcing or is that still up to the brewery?
  • What’s the typical timeline for a startup brewery? From lease to license to first sale.
  • Will you be assisting the brewers with permits, licensing, etc?

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