The Business of Beer, Episode 71, with Night Shift Brewing Co-Founder, Michael Oxton

michael oxton, co-founder of night shift brewing

In this episode of the Business of Beer with Andy “The Beerman” Coppock, we are joined by Night Shift Brewing Co-Owner, Michael Oxton. He joins us to talk about how he started Night Shift Brewing, the New England beer scene, the rising popularity of the New England IPA, and much more!

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Show Notes:
  • How did you get started brewing?
  • What was your background before starting the brewery?
  • 5, 10 years ago when you thought of Boston or New England beer you thought of Sam Adams, Wachusetts, and Harpoon, more
    traditional brewers. In the last few years the NE beer scene has exploded with a variety of breweries and innovating new styles. What happened?
  • It’s interesting that you are getting so much attention for your IPA variants. When you started your focus was more on Belgian styles, Barrel aged beers, and sour beer, right?
  • What is a Cape Codder Weisse?
  • One of my personal favorites at the brewery was the Harborside, a gose brewed with oysters. How did that come about?
  • Let’s circle back to IPA. In addition to the award winning and amazing Santilli and 87 DIPA, you have some rotating IPA’s: Morph and One Hop This Time. Who came up with those concepts?
  • Let’s talk about the New England IPA. Where did this style come from and why are so many breweries across the country trying to replicate it?
  • Tell us about your barrel program, Barrel Society.
  • You’ve made the switch mostly to cans; was that always the plan or did it just make sense? Who were your influences? Did you
    have any mentors in the business?
  • Some breweries are looking to sell to larger companies, some are merging, some are taking on Private Equity Capital. How have
    you chosen to raise money for growth, and does it matter where it comes from?
  • What’s the growth plan for Night Shift?
  • What happens when AB or Coors comes knocking?
  • Where can people find you on social media?

Twitter: @nightshiftbeer

Instagram: @nightshiftbeer

Facebook: @NightShiftBeer

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