The Business of Beer, Episode 68 with Beer & Whiskey Writer, Lew Bryson

lew bryson

In this episode of the Business of Beer with Andy “The Beerman” Coppock, we are joined by Beer & Whiskey Writer, Lew Bryson. He joins us to talk about how he got started with writing about beer and spirits, his position on the obsession with IPAs, his take on the so-called slowdown of craft beer growth, and much more!

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Show Notes:
  • How did you get interested in writing?
  • How did that morph into writing about beer/spirits/food?
  • What’s trending on the east coast these days, besides IPAs?
  • 2 of your recent articles really struck me. “We Changed the World for this?” in the latest All about Beer speaks to our obsession with IPAs and you posit that we are in danger of becoming what we rebelled against all those years ago. Can you explain?
  • Our friend Stephen Beaumont wrote a tongue in cheek piece last year about all beers becoming IPAs. The other article was about the looming crisis within the craft beer industry. Is there a crisis coming?
  • People are panicked because there is a so called slowdown of craft beer growth. Is it really a slowdown?
  • Neilson & IRI don’t factor consumer direct sales. ⅔ of these new breweries are selling a majority of their product from the taproom.
  • Also, what about the breweries that are no longer “craft” according to the Brewers Association? Lagunitas, Ballast Point, Golden Road, and Founders sales don’t figure into their numbers anymore, so that has to have some impact right?
  • Philadelphia has always been a great beer town, with Philly Beer Week, a thriving brewery and brewpub scene. What’s behind that?
  • Do you have a favorite style?
  • I’d also like your take on all of the recent sales and acquisitions- what changes could be on the horizon?
  • Where can people find your books?
  • Where can people find you on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram?
  • Twitter: @lewbryson

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