The Business of Beer with Stephen Beaumont for World of Beer

The Business of Beer, Episode 11: Stephen Beaumont, Beer Writer for World of Beer – why every beer is an IPA, why there is no Belgian style, and much more!

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In this episode of the Business of Beer with Andy “The Beerman” Coppock, famous beer writer Stephen Beaumont joins us to talk about his life drinking beer for a living. Stephen’s humor shows through when he tells us why every beer is an IPA, and his discussion of the Belgian style (or lack thereof) is must-hear radio.

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Show Notes

  • How Stephen became a beer writer
  • Fascination with flavors
  • Everything is now an IPA
  • Stephen’s IPA soliloquy
  • Beer styles are confusing consumers, not helping them
  • Belgian style is nonexistent in Belgium
  • Summer of session beers
  • Is craft beer becoming too pretentious?
  • Is there a saturation point?

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