Follow Your Customers’ Desire Lines (Figure out what your customers want to drink)

If you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘desire lines’, here is a simple explanation. Imagine a real estate developer getting ready to place sidewalks on a new property. Rather than pave the way according to the

Boost Your Thanksgiving Bar Business

Thanksgiving is nearly here and with it comes the traditionally busy bar night of Thanksgiving Eve. If you’ve ever gone out the night before Turkey Day, you may have noticed it’s bumping out there. Why?

Kegs and Eggs – How to do Sunday Brunch Right at your Bar!

It’s hard to beat going out to eat for Sunday brunch. The last day of the weekend and ideally one of accomplishing very little while enjoying every second of it. And what’s a better place

How to Gain “Followers” on TapHunter

Followers: who are they and why are they so important? Well, your followers are your loyal customers and people that like what you’re doing. They are the people who want to know what you’re up

Turning Social Media Likes into Customers

  Social media is all about creating customer loyalty, which is why getting your regular customers involved in your social media campaign is the key to success. These 5 tips will help you strengthen your

An Easy Way to Reward Your Customers

Customers are your highest priority, right? Getting them is important, and keeping them is even more important. So how do you keep your customers?  How do you foster loyalty and happiness in your customer base?

5 Tips to Attract Millennials to Your Bar

For a better understanding of who millennials are and why they’re important to bar owners, click here. Millennials, also known as Generation Y, include anyone born between 1980–2000 and account for 75.3 million members of the

Bring in the Brunch Crowd

It’s not quite breakfast, and it’s not really lunch. Why is brunch so popular among consumers? Maybe it’s the excuse to have a Mimosa or a great breakfast stout before noon, or a chance to

A Homepage That Wows!: What You Need on Your Bar’s Website Homepage

An ugly website homepage is not a good thing, but an ugly homepage that isn’t helpful is just the worst. In this Internet age, your homepage is likely your business’s first impression for potential customers.

6 Ways to Turn Every Customer into a Regular

Sometimes it’s best to look at the raw numbers: Regular customers make up 60-75% of sales in bars and restaurants. Think about how turning every customer into a regular could affect your business! 1. Greet

Make Your Bar Picture Perfect

When people go out to a bar, in addition to having a couple drinks, they want to immerse themselves in the ambience of the location. Make your business a place that people associate with good

Get More in the Door: Bring in New Customers & Get to Know Your Community! [WEBINAR]

Bringing in new customers is just as important for bar and restaurant owners as retaining loyal patrons. Not only does this result in more business, but it helps build community by bringing like-minded people together

Mobile Marketing for Bar Owners [INFOGRAPHIC]

As 2014 comes to a close, mobile use is at an all time high. That means mobile marketing is more important now than ever before for any business, especially bars and restaurants. If you own a bar or

Engage Customers with Seasonal Beer

Keeping your customers engaged is a key element in creating a successful craft beer program at your bar or restaurant.  Frequent rotation of your beer lineup to ‘tap’ into seasonal offerings is an excellent way