Bar Maintenance 101

No matter what size your bar or tap room, keeping things clean and orderly is key to success. This takes time and money, but it’s well worth the cost of driving customers away and garnering bad reviews. Here are some basic tips on maintaining a good environment for your patrons.

Maintaining Equipment

Because there is so much liquid passing through a bar, it’s essential to keep your equipment up-to-date and fully functioning. Continuously replacing items due to neglect, can be costly. Bar equipment is quite a sizable investment, so maintaining it should be a key factor for every member of your staff.

You should have a good contractor in your back pocket for when equipment fails. The contractor should also be called in on various occasions, just to make sure everything is functioning to the best of its ability. Maintenance not only includes the top of the bar, but also stripping down the tubes and pipes every so often. Taps and beer lines can become especially dirty, which will ruin the taste of a great craft beer. After all, it is pointless to provide a good product if that beverage is traveling through a dirty tube. This can be done by pumping diluted cleanser through your lines and letting it soak. Flush out the lines, and soak all taps and faucets as well. This should be done either after each keg, or once every two weeks.


Stay Clean

When a bartender is not serving, they should be cleaning. Keeping a bar maintained is a never-ending task. Your best staff will know this, and should not have to be told to do so. Alcohol can stain a bar top, so making sure the bar is wiped, and dry, will help maintain your surfaces. Every bottle on display should be wiped at the end of every shift. Sticky bottles, lead to dirty bartending hands.

Mats are often overlooked, and should be cleaned several times a day. A fast dishwasher behind the bar is always a key investment. The floors should also be swept and mopped at least once a day, if not more. Keeping the floors spotless will ensure spills are not a liability. Lastly, if you have superfluous equipment lying around, save the space and store it away properly. It will save time from having to clean items that are useless.

Stay Updated
taphunter print menu

Imagine if a customer comes to your bar seeking a specific draft beer or menu item, which you no longer carry. Chances are, you won’t be seeing them again. Staying up to date on everything you offer in your bar is absolutely vital to your business. This is particularly true for tap rooms, as craft beers can often come on the market fast, and in small batches. Knowing what you’re selling is key to keeping the customers happy.

If you find updating menus difficult, Evergreen menu tools can make it easier. You can enter any new beverage you serve, and print menus immediately, rather than wasting time in a program like Photoshop, or adjusting your menu graphics. Say goodbye to reformatting the menu with every update, because Evergreen has you covered!


While these tips sound simple, there are many bars that neglect these easy rules. Having a dedicated staff and a dedicated procedure checklist is essential to staying on top of things. Bartenders should want to keep a clean bar, not only as their job, but to take pride in their appearance. With equipment functioning at the highest level, an immaculate space, and updated information at all times, running your bar will be much more efficient!