5 Bar and Restaurant Trends You Will See in 2015

Now that 2015 is upon us, bar & restaurant owners are asking themselves – “How do we stay ahead of the trends?” Read through this quick list so you are prepared for what is coming to the bar & restaurant world in 2015!

Tech Everything

waypoint digital drink menu

1.  Digital Signage

Chances are you have been to a bar lately that has its drink list displayed prominently on one of its TVs. A digital drink menu is easier for the customer to read and understand, and it is also much easier for the bar staff to keep customers up-to-date on their offerings. Companies like TapHunter offer digital drink menu options to help you join the growing trend without paying an arm and a leg!

 2. Pay Using Technology

You may not be using it yourself, but you have probably heard of Apple Pay or Google Wallet, two popular mobile payment technologies. Tools like these are taking the bar industry by storm, and will be everywhere before you know it! Whether it is a tablet that customers use to order and pay from the table, or an app like TabbedOut that lets customers pay drink tabs without talking to the bartender, the popularity of these technologies will only increase in the new year.

Changes to Drinks

3. Local Ingredients

Foraging for local ingredients is not only a new trend for chefs. In fact, many mixologists are spending more time at the local farmers market or in the garden to collect the perfect, locally sourced ingredients for their latest creations! Not to mention local ingredients distinguish your unique offerings, and provide a cocktail with a great backstory to drive sales

4. Low-Alcohol Drinks

Low-alcohol session beers (beers with less than 5 percent ABV) continue to increase in popularity, and we’ll see a lot more low-alcohol cocktails next year, too. High-alcohol drinks aren’t necessarily better drinks, and many good bartenders know it, and are starting to embrace it. Keep your eye out: low-ABV cocktails and spirits will gain traction in 2015!

Everything on Tap

5. Tap It All!

Bar patrons love to watch the 10-minute-long, drawn-out creation of the perfect cocktail.The muddling, the shaking, the stirring…that’s what makes it good, right? Not exactly, and many customers don’t have the patience to wait. The good news is, there is still a way to give your patrons a great cocktail, and fast—cocktails on tap! Kegged cocktails are the newest way to speed things up behind the bar, and we will be seeing a lot more of this in 2015.  Wine on tap is also increasing in popularity, and chances are, a bar near you has its entire beverage list on tap!