The Business of Beer with Maui Brewing Co. founder and Brewers Association Board of Directors member, Garrett Marrero

The Business of Beer, Episode 34: Garrett Marrero – founder of Maui Brewing Co. and recent Brewers Association Board of Directors elect!

In this episode of the Business of Beer with Andy “The Beerman” Coppock, we are joined by the founder of Maui Brewing Co. and recent Brewers Association Board of Directors elect, Garrett Marrero. Garrett talks about his new position at the BA, what he thinks about all the recent acquisitions, his new head brewer Jesse Houck, and how he has grown a sustainable brewery in Hawaii, 2500+ miles from the mainland. If you’re looking for some inspiration, this podcast is for you!

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Show Notes:
– Tell us about being elected to the Brewers Association Board of Directors?
– Tell us about your new head brewer/Director of Brewery Operations, Jesse Houck
– How did you get started in brewing?
– What was your background before brewing?
– Who were your influences and mentors?
– What does sustainability mean for you?
– How do you maintain using lots of natural ingredients in your recipes? How does that work with small local growers?
– What’s your take on all the acquisitions going on in the industry right now?
– Tell us about your partnership with Stone to create Maui/Stone distribution in Hawaii
– What does “Maui being in a constant state of construction until 2018” mean?
– You currently brew about 40K bbls of beer annually, and distribute to 13 states. Do you have a target number you are looking to hit?
– What is your growth plan?
– How do you keep the cost to the consumer in line with you competitors when the cost to get hops and equipment is more expensive in Hawaii?
– How do you create the buzz for your brand without advertising?


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