The Business of Beer With John Holl, Editor of All About Beer and host of The Beer Briefing on iHeart Radio!

The Business of Beer, Episode 28: John Holl – Editor of All About Beer and host of The Beer Briefing on iHeart Radio!
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In this episode of the Business of Beer with Andy “The Beerman” Coppock, John Holl, editor of All About Beer, joins us for the second time to talk, well, all about beer! In particular we learn his thoughts on the “craft beer bubble” and all the recent craft brewery acquisitions! You don’t want to miss it. (Note: this episode was recorded just before the acquisition of Ballast Point)
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Show Notes:
– What do you think about all the recent craft brewery acquisitions especially being on the East Coast?
– What are your thoughts on putting an end to the term ‘Craft’?
– How was the “State of Craft Beer” panel with Steve Hindy, Bill Covaleski, Tomme Arthur, Sam Caligione?
– Is there a craft beer bubble? And if there is, what’s the bursting point?
– We have fewer breweries per capita than several countries, including Denmark, Belgium and the UK. If we had the same # of breweries per capita, could we conceivably support 6, 7, 10K breweries?
– What stories are you working for All About Beer?
– What events will you be attending this Holiday season?

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