The Business of Beer with Author of Brewed Awakening, Joshua Bernstein

The Business of Beer, Episode 46: Joshua Bernstein, Author of Brewed Awakening

joshua bernstein

In this episode of the Business of Beer with Andy “The Beerman” Coppock, we are joined by Joshua Bernstein, Author of Brewed Awakening and more. Joshua joins us to talk about how he got into writing, his favorite stye of beer, what’s trending on the east coast, and more! If you’re a fan of craft beer, check this out!

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Show Notes:

– How did you get interested in writing?
– How did that morph into writing about beer/spirits/food?
– How does one get from writing about Teddy Bears and “adult entertainment” to writing books about beer?
– The first book I was made aware of was Brewed Awakening, which digs into the forces behind the global craft beer revolution; that came out back in 2011. What’s changed in 5 short years?
– What’s trending on the east coast these days?
– West Coast IPA was the rage for a long time. Now we have the so called “New England IPA” spurred on by breweries like Trillium, Tree House The Alchemist and others. What are you seeing?
– What’s your next project?
– New York seems like it was a little slower to embrace the craft revolution…is there a reason for that?
– Your most recent book is all about beer styles. You structured this book in ‘classes’ to identify different flavor profiles. Why did you structure it that way?
– Was the thought to show how different beer can be, or to highlight the common thread between all beers?
– Do you have a favorite style?
– What’s changed since you wrote the book?
– What changes could be on the horizon?
– Where can people find your books?
– Where can people find you on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram?

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