TapHunter is Hiring: Join us at Beers & Careers!

beers & careers taphunter hiringAre you tired of stuffy interviews, stacked resumes and redundant questions? Do you also have a passion for the craft beverage industry and an entrepreneurial spirit? If you’re answering these questions with “yes”, we would love for you to join the TapHunter Team at our monthly Beers and Careers event!

The true purpose of this event is to see if you are a good personality fit for us and moreover, to make sure TapHunter is a great company fit for you. Our team is exceptionally dynamic, hard-working and genuinely invested in TapHunter’s success as a company… given all of this, we are also an incredibly fun and enjoyable group to work with. People often overlook the importance of enjoying the company of the people they work with and TapHunter truly believes company culture and camaraderie to be of the upmost importance.

So leave your resumes and business attire at home! This should feel like you are networking with fellow craft drink connoisseurs and less like a nail-biting group interview. We want to get to know YOU!

So please, if you are interested in working with the TapHunter team RSVP FOR BEERS & CAREERS HERE!

You can also find open job opportunities at taphunter.workable.com.