The Business of Beer with Jerry Sanders former Mayor of San Diego

TapHunter Podcasts, Episode 6: Former Mayor of San Diego Jerry Sanders discusses the local business community, its craft beer scene, and the future of the area – all this and more!


Andy “The Beerman” Coppock interviews Jerry Sanders, former Mayor of San Diego and current president and CEO of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce. Jerry talks about the economic impact of craft beer in San Diego, the camaraderie of brewers, sustainable water use in brewing, his favorite beers, and more in this special episode with one of the most well-known political voices in San Diego.

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Show Notes

  • Jerry used to drink “regular” beers but got into craft in San Diego
  • He’s a fan of Stone Smoked Porter, darker beers, IPAs
  • Labor of love turned into economic tool for the city
  • “Every week is beer week here in San Diego”
  • Jerry discusses the lack of a bubble due to quality of breweries
  • Sustainable water use means craft beer isn’t a detriment to region’s supply
  • Camaraderie amongst breweries and homebrewers in the area
  • The future of the community 5-10 years down the road

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