Kegs and Eggs – How to do Sunday Brunch Right at your Bar!

It’s hard to beat going out to eat for Sunday brunch. The last day of the weekend and ideally one of accomplishing very little while enjoying every second of it. And what’s a better place for your customers to get their food coma on than the pub? Your bar customers have options, so how can you make sure they come to you instead of heading to Denny’s? The fact that you have good beer on tap is certainly a start and we’ll assume you have fresh, tasty fare to offer. Here are some other ways to get Sunday off to a delicious start.

Make an Event Out Of It
Take some time to make your Sunday brunch stand out from the crowd with a rotating theme. Anyone going to the bar for Sunday brunch is looking for something livelier than the crowd at IHOP so have some fun with it. Think of Oktoberfest as an example. You could dedicate an entire month of Sunday brunch to different German styled menus. And be sure to capitalize on any pop culture trends. Imagine how much fun you could have had with a Back to the Future themed brunch given all the recent hoopla over 10/21/15!

Don’t forget to promote your new and improved brunch. Using TapHunter, you can input the events manually or have them pulled directly from Facebook, Google Calendar or iCal. Your events will automatically show up on TapHunter so those looking for an event will know exactly where to go. There will also be a tweet sent out promoting your brunch the day before!

Put Your TopChef Hat On
There’s nothing wrong with literally serving kegs and eggs but considering foodies and craft consumers go hand in hand, you’ll want to step up your game to draw folks in. You could simply pair your dishes with beer or get really creative and serve food prepared using the beer. Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast is a natural fit for any bar owner’s brunch so imagine maple syrup infused with this brew! For some inspiration, check out these chicken wings with Dry Dock Brewing Apricot Blonde sauce over at Drink and Spoon.

Of course, you’ll want to have the beer used in your dishes available on tap to complete the experience. Using TapHunter, when you update your pour list, the automatic posting of the new brews to your social media accounts will give potential customers a second opportunity to learn about your latest brunch event. And your print menus will be refreshed automatically as well so you can worry about more important things like crushing it at your next Sunday brunch.

What are you doing for brunch at your bar? Tell us in the comments below, we’d love to hear about it!