How to Maximize Inventory Efficiency

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If you run a bar or restaurant, you know managing inventory can be tedious. You must stay on the pulse of what to order and when to order it. You want to be able to meet customer demand while not taking up too much space.

From an operational perspective, since a large chunk of your budget is spent on food and drinks, you want to ensure you control costs by not overextending yourself. Therefore, keeping track of all in-stock food and drink is imperative to a successful F&B business.

Many use spreadsheets and manual counting to keep track of inventory. However, with today’s advancements in restaurant technology, much of the process can be streamlined. Not to mention: such inventory tech can also show performance and financial data to help maximize ROI.

Here are a few reasons to leverage inventory tools to make your inventory process more efficient.

Your New Workflow

Restaurant software providers like Evergreen have developed tools that can be accessed from anywhere, on any device, allowing you to ditch those spreadsheets once and for all!

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Our customers walk through their cold box, record their on-hand keg values in real time, generate order sheets against their par values, see which distributor to call depending on what they need, and get prices suggestions based on their set markup— all in a matter of minutes and all from their phone.

The ability to take inventory directly from your phone eliminates the monotonous paper record keeping and streamlines your process right away. Plus, it’s easy to export, to use however you’d like.

Make Your Operations More Efficient

Because our inventory tools integrate with the Evergreen dashboard to streamline processes and save you time, you can manage your inventory through our software, and your partners can review it in real time. We also generate reports on most popular styles and category distributions, to make informed decisions on what to buy next easier.


“We wanted to update the way we were managing our inventory using spreadsheets. The Evergreen tool has really saved us time and replaced a process that was not very organized. And, now we can see what different styles of beers we have on-hand pretty easily. This helps us make our buying decisions and keep a balanced selection.”

-Pig Iron Public House

Increase Profits

Better inventory management helps eliminate this waste and increase your bottom line. No more shifting back and forth between paper and tech or doing mental math; let our system do the hard work for you! Evergreen’s inventory solution helps simplify your pricing calculations. You’ll receive suggested prices based on your markup and package cost and access pricing recommendations for all pour sizes.

The majority of a restaurant’s budget is spent on food and beverage costs. And since restaurants often buy a lot at once, a portion ends up being spoiling or going bad before being served to customers.

Leverage Evergreen’s Restaurant and Bar Inventory Tools

Today’s restaurants need a modern system that streamlines inventory and efficiency– Evergreen’s inventory tools provide this. From the ability to access data across multiple devices to providing price recommendations, restaurant operators would be remiss not to explore solutions to increase profits.

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