New TapHunter Features

Today we’re releasing some very exciting updates to our beer management software — On Deck Lists, Multiple Bar Lists and Multiple List Printing.


On Deck Lists

Do you want to prepare your menu for that Dogfish Head Tap Takeover on Thursday? Now you can create a new On Deck List specific to the event and save yourself time switching everything over on the day-of. You can also pre-promote it with a specific link to that list if you make it public.

dogfish head takeover

Once your ready for that Tap Takeover you can easily swap your current beer list to on deck and make the Tap Takeover list available now!

move to on deck


Multiple Bar Lists

Do you manage a location with multiple bars that have different beer lists? We can help you configure your TapHunter account to keep those lists separate; including your web widgets and print menus. To add a list to your location email us at [email protected]

taphunter dashboard - locöl | admin

To accommodate these updates we’ve reorganized our Dashboard navigation. Both Tap/Cask Lists and Bottle/Can Lists can now be accessed using the “Beer List” button and then switching between the two using the tabs. The On Decks Lists can be accessed using the “On Deck List” button (now found in Your Tools).

taphunter dashboard - hamilton_s tavern | admin-2


Multiple List Printing

Do you want to print your tap and bottle menus on the same page? How about print your on deck list? Now you can. With our new printing features you can print just about any combination of menus.

screen shot 2014-04-04 at 2.20.37 pm

You can also save multiple print settings for quick printing in the future. To access this just click on the Print Your Menu button in the left navigation.

screen shot 2014-04-04 at 2.21.39 pm


Are you an existing customer who wants to upgrade? Have product feedback for us or wish to request something crazy and new? We’re always listening, just submit your request through our feedback form in your dashboard.

Want to learn how TapHunter can benefit your location? Click here to get started with a free live demo today.

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