Top 6 Digital Beer Boards

Beer boards have quickly become the standard for bars and restaurants that offer rotating taps or simply a craft beer menu. Studies show that bars and restaurants with digital menus increase orders 3-5% on average. Whether you want to add a digital beer board to your bar or are looking to upgrade to menu software designed for beer, read on for some of our favorite customer examples (in no particular order) and information on how to get started.

Digital Beer Menu Examples

#1 The British Beer Company

Why we love it: The British Beer Company initially worried that a digital beer menu would clash with their traditional, pub style. This beer board shows that the right design can match any atmosphere! A background image mimicking weathered wood adds an old-timey vibe and accentuates the logo. The dark background and light text make the board easy to read and the organization of taps by style (Ciders and Meads and IPAs) makes it easy for customers to pick a pleasing brew.

the bbc

#2 Extreme Fun Center – Wasilla

Why we love it: This beer board packs a serious punch! We dig the 1980’s arcade vibe that fits right into the games and rides at Extreme Fun Center. The use of complementary colors (yellow and purple) ensures that customer eyes will be drawn to this menu. We also love the addition of a footer promote an upcoming tap–now that’s a smart way to keep guests coming back!

extreme fun center wasilla


#3 Ester’s Neighborhood Pub

Why we love it: Subway tile and a grayscale logo keep things sleek and simple on this digital beer menu from Ester’s Neighborhood Pub. There’s actually a lot of info on this board: beer name, style, origin, ABV, size and price. But the monochromatic color scheme and simple black lettering keep it readable and chic, rather than overwhelming.

screen shot 2016 08 25 at 9.44.59 am

#4 Steamworks

Why we love it: This beer board features some seriously cool design work! A dark background featuring Steamworks‘ branding lets the beer names and logos pop for easy reading and a splash of color. This board is fun to look at — 10/10 would order another round.

steamworks dbb 1
#5 Bottlecraft

Why we love it: Customers love Bottlecraft‘s rotating taps, and this digital beer menu, which is organized by tap number, really shows them off! A minimalist layout and color palette keeps things readable and puts the focus on the beers themselves. It also perfectly matches Bottlecraft’s hipster-chic vibe.

bottlecraft digital beer board

#6 Gordon Biersch

Why we love it: When you’re a world-class brewery like Gordon Biersch, you want to be sure your customers know it’s your beers on tap. A simple green-and-gold color palette plays into Gordon Biersch’s colors and the inclusion of the GB logo as a background and next to each beer makes the branding even more prominent.

screencapture admin evergreenhq bigscreen 5229953107099648 2019 03 20 12 22 12


How to Add a Digital Beer Board to Your Bar

Bar and restaurants owners are flocking to digital beer menus for a number of (very good) reasons. Not only do they save busy staff precious time by updating instantly (vs erasing a chalkboard 20 times a week), but they are also much easier for guests to read. That means guests are more likely to order more beer! In fact, studies show that bars and restaurants with digital menus increase orders 3-5% on average. On top of that, according to Evergreen customer, The British Beer Company, a digital beer menu also shows that your establishment “keep[s] up with technology.”

Selecting the Right Software

There are a number of companies out there selling digital menus. Many are designed for large quick-service restaurants or chains. Some are more tailored to the needs of independent operators. And an even smaller group offer functionality custom-built for bars and restaurants with rotating tap lists. While Evergreen’s digital menu software is well-loved by customers from each of these groups, our roots are in the craft beer scene and we offer a number of unique tools tailored to beer. These include:

  • The most customizable menu layouts and designs in the industry–organize by style, tap number, you name it!
  • A partnership with the Brewer’s Association that lets you display their seal
  • An extensive database of 300,000 beers, wines and spirits to save you time Googling drink details
  • Integration with the TapHunter app and website

How do Evergreen’s digital menu boards work?

The design process: Evergreen’s digital menu design options are endless. Whether you base your design on one of multiple templates, select one of thousands of high-quality Unsplash backgrounds or create a unique design that perfectly suits your bar’s personality, our tools will help you create your ideal menu. And the customizations don’t stop at fonts and colors! Evergreen digital boards can be horizontal or vertical and you can display all of your drinks on one screen or rotate through your whole list. You can add large images to highlight particular beers, food, merchandise or specials. You can also display multiple pour sizes and prices and even rotate through promo images to drive sales (e.g. Happy hour promos, food specials, merchandise, etc).

The hardware: We provide the customized hardware, no software to install! Simply take the device and plug it into any existing TV (or TV’s) at your location. That’s it!

How it saves you time: Your digital beer board (and your print, Facebook, Google and website menu) will automatically update in real time when you update your beer, spirits, cocktail, wine or food list from the Evergreen dashboard. No refresh needed.

The price: Our digital beer boards are very affordable (starting at $49-per-month). Our team will work with your location to find the package that is best for you. Request more information to get a customized quote!