With so many craft breweries out there, it may be difficult to decide which ones to support. If you’re in Yucaipa, California, Brewcaipa is an easy choice because it is currently the only brewery in their town, filling the void for avid beer drinkers with great local beer. Located in Historic Uptown Yucaipa, Brewcaipa was founded by power couple Scott and Kate Daniels, Scott’s twin brother Bryan, and Derik Bougie (Master Brewer). 

Brewcaipa’s Story

The origins of Brewcaipa Brewery began taking shape years ago when Kate surprised Scott with a home brew set for his birthday. Scott’s passion for beer grew out of his hobby of home-brewing and eventually into the idea that he could run a great brewery in Yucaipa’s backyard.

A former Fire Captain, Scott Daniels, endured a terrible 12,000 volt shock while fighting a fire that nearly ended his life. Although this tragic event ended his career as a Fire Captain, his perseverance and dedication led him to pursue other passions in life. With the help of friends, family members, and his fighting spirit, Scott and Kate founded Brewcaipa Brewing in March, 2017.

Historic Yucaipa, New Tech

After partnering with the city to turn an abandoned building in historic uptown Yucaipa into a production brewery, the facility was ready for business after nearly two years of renovations. Brewcaipa serves up to 23 different beers on tap to both locals and visitors alike. With so many house brewed beers on tap, they use Evergreen to help simplify their digital and print menu logistics.

” Evergreen always strives to meet and exceed my needs! I’ve tried a couple companies and hands down they offer the best tools out there. I LOVE the unique look of their print and digital menus… a big step up from Untappd’s menus that look like every other bar’s.” -Bryan Daniels

Brewcaipa is on the forefront of starting a craft brewery culture in the city of Yucaipa. Using Evergreen’s marketing and operational tools help them to build a lasting regular customer base and focus on the future. Evergreen also assures that each client is given fully customizable menu options to help businesses like Brewcaipa stand out and cultivate the uniqueness they thrive on.

Brewcaipa’s and Evergreen’s Rewarding Partnership

The team at Brewcaipa knows they can always count on the welcoming and dependable customer service that Evergreen provides when it comes to anything from printing menus to questions to updating inventory. Evergreen is honored to provide a service helping customers serving their town, like Brewcaipa Brewing Company or serving the world, like Stone Brewing Co.

“Lastly, I am a big fan of their Customer Service, super friendly and they work hard to get back to me quickly! Cheers!” -Bryan Daniels

If ever you’re in the San Bernardino area, make sure to stop by and enjoy one of Brewcaipa’s refreshing and delicious beers.