The Business of Beer with Pure Project Team Jesse Pine, Mat Robar, and Brewmaster Winslow Sawyer

The Business of Beer, Episode 61: Pure Project Team Jesse Pine, Mat Robar, and Brewmaster Winslow Sawyer

pure project team

In this episode of the Business of Beer with Andy “The Beerman” Coppock, we are joined by Pure Project Team Jesse Pine, Mat Robar, and Brewmaster Winslow Sawyer. They join us to talk about what makes Pure Project stand out, their partnership with Brewery Igniter, their “brewed locally, sourced globally” motto, and much more!
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Show Notes:

– Mat, as the face of branding, how do you make Pure Project stand out with 120+ breweries in San Diego?
– Why did you decide to partner with Brewery Igniter?
– What advantage does this model have over the traditional brewery startup model?
– Winslow, you’ve been brewing for quite a while, how did you get attached to this?
– What was your background?
– Jesse, you’re a San Diegan by way of Costa Rica. You have a very entrepreneurial background; why beer?
– What are the parallels between tech startups and opening a brewery?
– Where does technology and your background intersect with beer?
– What’s 1% for the Planet?
– Brewed locally, sourced globally. What does that mean?
– So many breweries these days are stressing more of a hyper local, “farm to glass’ kind of approach. How does this align with that?
– Do you have a favorite style to drink? To brew?
– Who were your mentors and influences?
– How can people connect with you? Social Media? Website? Tap room?

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