The Business of Beer with Producers of “SUDS COUNTY 2: The Boil Over”, Sheldon Kaplan & Kevin Tostado

The Business of Beer, Episode 49: Sheldon Kaplan & Kevin Tostado, Producers of SUDS COUNTY 2: The Boil Over

sheldon kaplan & kevin tostado

In this episode of the Business of Beer with Andy “The Beerman” Coppock, we are joined by Sheldon Kaplan & Kevin Tostado, Producers of the beer documentary SUDS COUNTY 2: The Boil Over. Sheldon & Kevin join us to talk about the history of the San Diego brew scene, why homebrewing is important to the professional scene, what the future of craft is, and more. If you’re a fan of craft brewing, then check this out! 

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suds county 2

Show Notes:

– Learn about the inspiration for Suds County USA
– Hear about the “pre-history” of the San Diego brew scene
– Find out who the first ‘modern’ brewery in San Diego was
– Why Homebrewing is so important to the professional scene(5:00)
– How San Diego has become influential around the world (8:00)
– Why the San Diego style IPA is so popular domestically and internationally (14:00)
– How early San Diego brewers had to improvise equipment (17:00)
– Why QUAFF is so important to the brew scene(22:00)
– Will the urban brewery be the future of craft? (27:00)
– Could craft be more diverse and why Hispanics are flocking to craft (34:00)
– The beginnings of the fruited IPA (38:00)
– Why San Diego is America’s Finest (Beer) City (44:00)
– How can I support your Kickstarter and what incentives are there? (46:00)

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