New TapHunter Features – February 2015

Check out the new dashboard features that are live in all TapHunter business accounts.

Location Tags
You can now add tags like “dog friendly” and “outdoor seating”. These tags shows up in the mobile app and on and promote various aspects of a bar or tags in taphunter

Featured Beverages
You can now use the featured button in your beer, spirit, and cocktail list to highlight certain beverages.featured beverages taphunter

Update Your Beers from the App
You can now change the pour size, price, tap number, and category of beers on your list from the mobile app.
edit in taphunter app

Billing Updates
You can now update billing information and receipt information directly from the TapHunter dashboard!
update billing taphunter

Multiple Pour Sizes
You now have the ability to order your multiple pour sizes.
pour size order taphunter


New Features for Plus & Premium Customers

Print Menus
We have made some big changes to our print menus. Our new PDF menus help improve the look and feel of the list and two column designs.
taphunter beer menu

Recurring Events
If you are hosting a recurring event, you now only need to enter it once and check repeat.
recurring taphunter events


Have a great idea for the next TapHunter tool or feature update? Comment it to this blog post and it will be considered for future dashboard additions.

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