Get Involved in American Craft Beer Week

“Big Week Small Breweries” is the theme for a week dedicated to toasting our nations red, white, and brew! Breweries, restaurants and brewpubs all over our great nation will be hosting creative events celebrating local beers from May 13th through 19th. ¬†Restaurants and Bars can easily involve themselves with these popular craft beer event ideas!

Steal The Glass!

With alcohol and beverage laws as they are some states do not allow distributors or breweries to give “swag” as it were, to retailers and restaurants. However, they can give things away to customers! Let your favorite local brewery know that you’d like to do a “steal the glass” night and they will let you know how to go about attaining brewery branded glasses. Customers then can come in on the night of your event order the brewery’s beer and take home the glass when they’re through to add to their collection!

Tap Takeover

Depending on the size of your venue and how many beers your brewery of choice has, Tap Takeover events are a great way to show your favorite brewery a little extra love. Dedicate six or more taps to your chosen brewery and offer a special price on them!

Locavore Loco

Dedicate your entire tap selection to only beers brewed in your city! While many bars already do this try to find both fan favorites and maybe a rare or special cask. To make it extra special pair local cheese or charcuterie.

Beer Dinner

Beer dinners can be a little more tricky but done right are very successful. Try doing a Locavore beer dinner and invite one of your city’s beer bloggers or a Cicerone to come to your restaurant and help set it up. Brewery specific beer dinners are the most popular of these dinner where you set up 5-7 courses paired with beers from one brewery and you can even invite the brewer to talk about flavor harmonies and the brewing process!

Meet The Brewer

While brewers are very busy people, setting up a meet-the-brewer event is just as loved as the traditional “Meet The Wine Maker” event that you see at some high-end restaurants. Whenever possible try to combine ¬†the meet-the-brewer event with one of the other events so they have more of their beers to talk about with your customers.

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